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WordPress sites hacked with a back door method

Wordfence experts report that attackers have come up with a new way to compromise WordPress sites. The attackers use poorly secured WordPress.com accounts. They done it with the help of Jetpack plugin that install backdoor plugins on various sites. According to the researchers, the criminals are using this new type of attacks since May 16, 2018. Affected users also […]

Tumblr to Share 20 Billion Posts

Tumblr has reached an important goal in the last few hours has passed the 20 billion posts made on various blogs that users have set up in recent years. This is a significant step forward compared to less than six months ago, when in November it was announced that the messages were shared joints at […]

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YOURLS: Create Your Own Link Shortening Service With WordPress Integration

The link shorteners have become almost mandatory use tools in communications over the Internet in today’s world. There are many such services available in the market, such as bit.ly ,goo.gl and owl.ly . Most social networks and major Web sites use their own URL shorteners.

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