YOURLS: Create Your Own Link Shortening Service With WordPress Integration

YOURLS - Create Your Own Link Shortening Service

The link shorteners have become almost mandatory use tools in communications over the Internet in today’s world. There are many such services available in the market, such as , and . Most social networks and major Web sites use their own URL shorteners.

These services provide a simple way to share links via media where the number of characters is limited. Its function is simple: take was the same web address, using a URL much shorter than the original . The shortened links are not at all friendly or easy to read and remember, but this is not your goal, so that should not be a concern.

Just as many businesses and social networks have their own shorteners, with YOURLS , you can create your own link shortening service , whether for personal use, integrate it into your blog or use within your company.

YOURLS , is a small set of scripts written in PHP, you can install on your server simply to give the power to generate short URLs . Besides its ease of installation and configuration, YOURLS has all the features you expect from a service like this:

  • URLs can generate private and public .
  • Generating sequential URLs or custom .
  • Complete statistics system : click tracking, geolocation of visitors, traffic sources, report generator, etc..
  • Allows integration of plugins to extend its functionality.
  • Full support for JSONP .

Of course, YOURLS has its own API and also provides a plugin for easy integration with WordPress , with which you can:

  • Generate short URLs so automatic for new posts and pages.
  • Post to Twitter automatically.

In addition to its interesting features, has an important YOURLS community with many documentation and helpful information .

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