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Review of Battlefield 3: A Beautiful and Spectacular Shooter

A new network of the best shooter about the battle on land and in the air with uninteresting storyline campaign and ambitious multiplayer battles. The epic confrontation shooter  Battlefield 3  and  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which broke out this fall, will benefit not only the marketing departments of companies Electronic Arts and  Activision (which, actually, this mess and welded shut), […]

Perfect World: Make Your Own Fairy Land

Perfect World has captured the hearts and minds of more than 6 million players! Colorful, lively, exciting online game disturbing fantasy man! Perfect World ,it is a world of magic, fairy tales, brave heroes and beautiful maidens. And, of course, adventure. Of course, the “ideal world” is just an invention of Chinese developers, but based this “invention” in […]

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