Perfect World: Make Your Own Fairy Land

Perfect World ,it is a world of magicPerfect World has captured the hearts and minds of more than 6 million players! Colorful, lively, exciting online game disturbing fantasy man! Perfect World ,it is a world of magic, fairy tales, brave heroes and beautiful maidens. And, of course, adventure.

Of course, the “ideal world” is just an invention of Chinese developers, but based this “invention” in ancient Chinese culture, their myth and legend, so old and sometimes incomprehensible to other nations.

The developers tried their best, and born in the 2008 game, opened their fabulously realistic doors to all comers. There were callous and three races of the peace from these same heartless! Subsequently, as there is another race, and now the fight has become easier! Swift-winged sidhe, bestial zoomorph people and mysterious amphibious   that is what had or will have to play us!

Despite the constant skirmishes with the soulless, the players may well face off in a duel or arena. Players can even kill each other, though newcomers to level 30 is nothing to worry about anything, do not touch them! Tired of the constant battles? Well, find your love! Wear it on his hands, to best gifts and flowers, ride mounts and show the fireworks! And if you’re lucky  play a wedding .

 One of the main advantages of the game! Not only is the tree we can consider each piece of paper or by a flying bird the pen, so also you can create a character like yourself or a friend! And maybe a secret love or liking an actor? Everything up to the eyes, nose width or size of the bust, you can change, but twisting the sliders.

Auction system, in a game store and store personal are called in the game “cat” will allow everyone to show their skills in the trade!

Tired of walking in the armor? Put the “style”! Large selection of both male and female clothes for every occasion of life! All of their suits, swimsuits before, you’ll find in the shops an ideal world!

What else can expect a player? Different opening event, dungeons, additional locations  like Moon, Nirvana, the City of Frost, The Holy Temple of Twilight, and much  more!

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