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BitT0rrent Live Will “Kill Your Television” in this August?

As we Reported, BitTorrent Live is a new P2P protocol developed by Bram Cohen for video streaming of live events: the debut will take place by July.

A Sample Documentation Of Digital Logic Simulator.[Download]

Computer is playing a vital role in calculating and managing every kind of problems in all organizations worldwide. Computer is being used in every sphere of life. Its uses are increasing day by day. It seams that after a few years life would be useless without computer. A system which utilize electronic means especially computer, […]

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Software Project Documentation Of DBMS For Model University [Download]

There is not even a single field that is beyond the grip of computer.   The computer helps in making files in a short time, more easily and precisely reducing the labors, stationary expenditure, manpower, store records and access to the file of customer. The increase in the number of computer has led to an increase […]

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