Software Project Documentation Of DBMS For Model University [Download]

Software Project Documentation Of DBMS For Model University [Download] 1 There is not even a single field that is beyond the grip of computer.   The computer helps in making files in a short time, more easily and precisely reducing the labors, stationary expenditure, manpower, store records and access to the file of customer.

The increase in the number of computer has led to an increase in the   ways computer are used. The application used in this thesis will eventually lead to an increased usage of computer for data management systems.

Through this computerized system the status about the database management   system is provided in an efficient manner. The speed and the processing time of   the system are quick enough thus giving better data manipulation and correct  calculated results.



Model University  wants to convert their manual system into computerized database management system. They want to convert the whole system into Urdu language support of database.

Introduction to Proposed System

The manual system will be converted into computerized database management system to achieve greater security and batter maintenance of records. The elements of computer-based system are Hardware, Software, People, database and procedure. They are combined in a variety of fashions to transfer information


It is important to establish some objective that a proposed system should meet. Following are the main objectives of the proposed system

  • One task, which is to be fulfilled, is getting rid of the existing problems  and introduces an organized way of keeping the information
  • To relieve the staff from excessive paper work and filing system.
  • To provide a easy retrieval system of data whenever required.
  • To develop a stable and reliable system.
  • To make data more secured and controlled at any given time.
  • To provide the user-friendly environment of the system Increase the efficiency of the system.
  • An integrated system that can be updated with passage of time.
  • To reduce the manpower working in the organization

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