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Rihanna and Her Former Boyfriend Together Again ?

Rumor has it that singer Rihanna and her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, with whom she broke up with the scandal three years ago because of his battering, together again. Someone is sure about a couple of years hiding his newly erupted novel, others say that Rihanna and Chris are just trying to resume the relationship. The rumors […]

“Friend of Bond” Halle Berry is going to Marry Olivier Martinez

The engagement of Hollywood beauties Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez, French actor in every possible way the Western media are trumpeting and bloggers. According to them, on New Year’s holiday, which had a couple in Malibu, Olivier gave  Halle Berry a ring from Gurhan with diamonds and emeralds, and made an offer to become his wife […]

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Robert Pattinson Shared his Views About True Love

Robert Pattinson the most Favorite actor from hollywood  who continuesly  delight us with his positive and realistic outlook on life. 25-year-old actor Robert Pattinson recently gave an interview to Brazilian magazine Capricho, which explained his views on true love and relationships:

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Video Calls to Friends on Facebook with Skype

Skype has announced version 5.4 for Mac and 5.7 for Windows with that it becomes attainable to initiate video calls to friends on Facebook. Skype and Facebook deepen the already shut operating relationship within the past by asserting a replacement service obtainable to many innumerable folks round the world: anyone with a Skype account and […]

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I Know the Secret of Your Happy Family Life!

Scientist proved “laughter prolongs life” each of us had heard since childhood that laughter is good for healthy life and now it is also proved that smile is necessary for healthy relationship too. “What lack you would never be able to take in your spouse?” Asked the men and women, during the month employees of the Association […]

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Teaching Tips Have Been Changed With Changing Times

Changing times have also changed the kind of teaching. The obedience of children to live and remain disciplined. It is important to always make the kids feel that school is not the place of his pranks. But the child should avoid killing or severely scold.Teachers should keep control over their emotions and anger. Higher education […]

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