I Know the Secret of Your Happy Family Life!

A beautiful Smile Can Make Life beautifulScientist proved “laughter prolongs life” each of us had heard since childhood that laughter is good for healthy life and now it is also proved that smile is necessary for healthy relationship too.

“What lack you would never be able to take in your spouse?” Asked the men and women, during the month employees of the Association of Family Studies.The results were surprising ,thirty percent of men and fifty percent of women surveyed believe the most unacceptable lack of excessive seriousness and inability to smile.

Forty percent of respondents admitted that for them the main thing in a men or woman a sense of humor and optimism, but they are not interested in the person who  does not have such qualities.

Based on the answers other respondents were clear that they are very important for the exterior of a woman, her ability to cook and love to the family. Still, the vast majority of the men talked about the sense of humor and smile as the most desirable qualities in a woman.

On the other hand lady also want a spouse who have good  sense of humor.And they are absolutely right because  The statistics says that forty percent of families are saved from divorce by a spouse who have a sense of humor  and if your partner has a beautiful and healthy smile as well as good  sense of humor then do not worry about problems, a happy family life until golden wedding you practically assured.

So based of above discussion, if you are living Happy Family Life, Certainly.. I Know – The Secret is “Beautiful Smile”.

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