“Friend of Bond” Halle Berry is going to Marry Olivier Martinez

"friend of Bond" Halle Berry is going to Marry Olivier MartinezThe engagement of Hollywood beauties Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez, French actor in every possible way the Western media are trumpeting and bloggers. According to them, on New Year’s holiday, which had a couple in Malibu, Olivier gave  Halle Berry a ring from Gurhan with diamonds and emeralds, and made an offer to become his wife and Halle Berry say, agreed.The ring appeared in public already.

Recall that the “friend of Bond,” has twice been officially married  for the baseball player David Justice and musician Eric Ben. After a second divorce, she had a long relationship with Gabriel Aubry, a model of the French-Canadian origin, from whom she gave birth to a daughter in 2008 Nala Ariel. Halle Berry has repeatedly stated that she does not want to marry, however, Olivier Martinez, whom Berry began dating in fall 2010, after a joint survey in the movie “Dark Tide”, apparently, managed to convince her. It is evident that a considerable role was played by the excellent relations established between the Olivier and almost 4-year-old Naloy."friend of Bond" Halle Berry is going to Marry Olivier Martinez

                                                                             Olivier and Nala on the beach in Malibu, January 2011

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