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Program better : 4 lessons from years of training

How can you program better? Two experts have developed a new teaching program at the University of Bamberg and are now taking stock – six years later. These are the four most important tips and insights.  Good code is not only correct, it is also beautiful. Among other things, beautiful means: It should be easy to test, […]

Become a better programmer by playing a game now

Nowadays, programming becomes so popular and necessary that the developers are full of ideas for its dissemination. It is no different in this case, it turns out that created a game that will help us to practice and develop their programming skills. Playing programming ? Playing on PC became more and more popular.Thanks to evolving technologies […]

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10 Places to Take Free Courses for Programming

One of the most wonderful things about the Internet is the ability it give us to access information. This superpower left of us use for something productive. Living in today’s world begins to be indispensable to learn the language spoken by the machines. We have at our disposal an enormous amount of technological wonders that make our life […]

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