Become a better programmer by playing a game now

Nowadays, programming becomes so popular and necessary that the developers are full of ideas for its dissemination. It is no different in this case, it turns out that created a game that will help us to practice and develop their programming skills.

Playing programming ?

Playing on PC became more and more popular.Thanks to evolving technologies and the promotion of e-sports. But this game is not the point, we can say that this is an educational game in which control of the mouse and keyboard is replaced by Coding (Not associated with the current policy).

coding through game

The game is definitely not designed for novice programmers (which I checked the hard way). It does not teach us the basics of our language (And there are a lot). It helps while practicing writing algorithms allow solving stages or achieve better results. Home works by testing code as it is for a popular Codecademy courses. We write code, then we can test its operation. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of competition with other players.

Challenge has been divided into separate parts and the game has been designed in such a way that one challenge educated one important department programming. For example, loops or arrays.

Challenge Accepted ?

At the beginning skeptical about the subject, but in testing when I already know that I will not rest until I’ve finished all the available challenges.Really the idea of learning programming has been well implemented here and new challenges are solved with the greatest pleasure. Is it worth it? See for yourself!


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