10 Places to Take Free Courses for Programming

free_courses_for_programmingOne of the most wonderful things about the Internet is the ability it give us to access information. This superpower left of us use for something productive. Living in today’s world begins to be indispensable to learn the language spoken by the machines. We have at our disposal an enormous amount of technological wonders that make our life easier, and we know how they work. Learning to program is the future of education and should be taught since we were children .

Whether you want it to become a programmer, or just learn a little more about this world of brackets, braces and parentheses, the Internet offers a host of innovative platforms for learning. And best of all, there is a growing movement promotes OpenCourseWare that advances human knowledge, using the web as the main tool.

Learning to program on the Internet is very easy these days, here’s a list of 10 websites where you can have free and open courses programming .



Codecademy is one of the most popular sites where currently a programming course for beginners make. It is the first choice of many and a truly friendly place. Codecademy is an educational company that thinks the current system of education in the classroom is too old and outdated.

All courses are free on Codecademy, including programming languages ??that are available to learn are:JavaScript , HTML , CSS , PHP , Python , and Ruby . We also have programs to learn how to use APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

In Codecademy learn by doing, the courses are based on exercises and take small challenges to advance to the next. They have their own text editor with built-in preview and console. And although the courses are pretty basic, they give you enough tools to continue your quest for self-education.



Udacity is a platform that was born in Stanford University as a little experiment. In this they decided to offer an introductory class on Artificial Intelligence for free online. More than 160,000 students enrolled worldwide and became one Udacity promoters what they themselves call the democratization of education.

In Udacity you can not only take courses in programming, but also on a wide selection of different materials. The course catalog is huge, and although many courses are extra, there is a huge amount of free material. Udacity courses are taught by different specialists in their field, from university professors to offer their classes, to entrepreneurs who share their knowledge with the rest of the world for the simple pleasure of educating others.

Section Computer Science you can get from the introductory computer science courses , to advanced topics of robotics. A great course to start would be to Web Development , taught by Steve Hufmman (the co-creator of Reddit) and Sean Bennet.

Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to bring world class education to everyone openly. All resources are available at no cost, to any person, whether student or educator.

Like Udacity, Khan Academy has many subjects on which to learn. Although the course catalog is smaller, worth checking the computer program , which gives you learn how to build graphics and animations, regardless if you’ve never programmed anything in your life.



Udemy is a fairly large company that offers courses on different subjects for individuals and businesses. In Udemy anyone with knowledge can create a course and offer it at a price to be taken by users.

While Udemy is a platform for e-learning fully commercial, features many free courses and permanently available in different languages. Such as this on HTML5 Programming for beginners .



edX is a nonprofit organization created jointly by MIT and Harvard , with the goal of expanding access to education worldwide, and improved ways of teaching through a platform open source and collaborative.

With such heavyweights education behind this project, it is expected that the courses offered are first.The courses are organized by subject and school than dictates. To date, 13 universities collaborate with edX.

Department of Computer Science has 17 courses at the time of publication of this article.



Lynda offers a large library of courses in video tutorial format. And although it requires a paid subscription that allows access to all the content, each course has sections that are available for free.This way you can listen to part of a class and then decide if it’s worth paying for it.



Acamica is a Latin American project is just beginning but already has a good selection of courses. The site design has great like me, and today began a course on HTML and CSS , which can register for free.



Coursera is an educational organization that is associated with many of the best universities in the world, to provide for free online courses that anyone can take.

The courses are taught by professional educators and designed to fully master a subject. Different courses may vary from open sessions given by a teacher, to the simple ratio of tools to learn for yourself.

The category of Software Engineering has to date, with 30 courses on programming.



Treehouse is a platform for high-quality technology education, provides programming courses for beginners and promises to take you from zero to ready to work through their various programs. Although the vast majority of courses require a paid subscription, Treehouse has several free, among which worth mentioning how to build a simple website that includes basic knowledge and tips about HTML5 and CSS3 .

I must confess that I am a fan of Treehouse and took a couple of months taking their courses.



Although not associated with the W3C, W3Schools offers a magnificent selection of tutorials, references, exercises and quizzes on web development, all totally free. We also offer the opportunity to get certified in a subject. The site is aimed at both beginners and experts and professionals.

Includes material on HTML / CSS, Javascript, servers, ASP.NET, XML, certifications, browsers, hosting, etc..

As you can see, the options are many more excuses, and if you want to learn something new, or improve knowledge in their area of work, the Internet offers a huge sea of possibilities for education .

Finally I leave this YouTube playlist with the entire course of Programming Methodology Stanford University, for if I want to feel something more “classic”.

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