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Online Virtual Musical Instruments for Musicians (Sites List)

Ā  GuitarĀ : To practice the chords on acoustic guitar much like electricity.Ā Bring capodastro options for working with strings and even distribution of left-handed. Electric guitarĀ : In this we will select the notes to form chords, and start the sound by clicking on the wordĀ StrumĀ .Ā Includes a button for “overdrive” (distortion). PianoĀ : A classical piano with a […]

Lifebook Concept Poses Several Gadgets into One Device

Lifebook smartphone that integrates, digital camera and tablet (Photo: Playback) The Chandra Prshant designer came up with a idea that unites variousĀ gadgetsĀ , a product that takes the concept to extremes of “all-in-one.”Ā This is the projectĀ FujitsuĀ LifebookĀ , aĀ dockhybrid format notebook with severalĀ slotsĀ to integrate more devices used in everyday life.

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