Online Virtual Musical Instruments for Musicians (Sites List)

 Online Virtual Musical Instruments for Musicians (Sites List)

Guitar : To practice the chords on acoustic guitar much like electricity. Bring capodastro options for working with strings and even distribution of left-handed.

Electric guitar : In this we will select the notes to form chords, and start the sound by clicking on the word Strum . Includes a button for “overdrive” (distortion).

Piano : A classical piano with a great sound. Works with the mouse or pressing keys from A to J (second line in your keyboard) and the numbers 1 through 7. There are other options at the entrance: 

AVirtual Keyboard :

Although there is nothing like the original sound and integration between musician and instrument, here are a couple of options to play around.

Virtual Piano:Without self-control and ability to change the sound alternating several instruments, is an interesting way to practice from the web. This option and the told you several months ago and, although not allow save the recordings, it is curious what you can do with Flash.

Flute : To practice the musical notes on the flute, being assisted by a staff and a pair of animated hands.The triangular button on the arrows change of note, is the sound starts.

Violin : practice and record progress in MIDI format. The player is the center to act as assistant and instructor. It also has other stringed instruments.

Cello : Created by none other than the Berlin Philharmonic. The idea is to go chasing the ball keeping it in its path in the center of small hoop handle with the mouse, of course, guided by the rhythm.

Battery : Another issue with a great sound whose controls are the numbers 1 through 9 on your keyboard. In the bottom ( Presets ) are various rhythms to practice.

Bongos : The pair of small drums characteristic rhythms like Salsa virtual version now. Sufficient numbers keys 1 and 2 to make them sound at will.

Xylophone : The most colorful of the listing, an aesthetic and intuitive operation that is perfect for children.Rhythms played can be recorded for later playback.

Percussion : A set of informative and interactive aids on a set of classical percussion instruments of various cultures. Of course, also be interpreted with the mouse.


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