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How Much Data Actually Consumed By Siri?

If you pay attention to the news, especially those coming from traditional media will notice that there is a curious emergence of reports on the alleged massive use of the data connection by Siri on the iPhone 4S , examples:

Google Street View Goes into Stores with 360 Degree View

Google Street View comes in the shops: it will soon be possible to visit the inside of a store at 360 degrees directly from your computer monitor. Not only streets, squares and public places, but also shops: this is the latest arrival in the laboratory by Google, where some time has caught the ‘ idea , which […]

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More than 2000 Printed Pictures Generate Stop Motion Video

Dave Wallace is  a contract videographer, place along a stop motion video consisting of 2335 pictures. Stop motion videos are nothing new, however Wallace’s video uses a noteworthy twist. Created as a poster for ClickPixx, a replacement on line photo printing service, the video was created using printed pictures.

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