Google Street View Goes into Stores with 360 Degree View

Google Street View goes into stores with 360 degree viewGoogle Street View comes in the shops: it will soon be possible to visit the inside of a store at 360 degrees directly from your computer monitor.

Not only streets, squares and public places, but also shops: this is the latest arrival in the laboratory by Google, where some time has caught the ‘ idea , which will be formalized shortly, to shoot in the interiors of shops enrich the database of images included in Street View . Soon, in short, you can get in meats, tobacco, or drugs from the comfort of home.

Before we can fully exploit the potential of this service will take a few months, however: each retailer interested in the idea will have to report it to the Mountain View company, which will contact you and agree a date for taking photographs. Once uploaded online, these photos allow you to virtually enter the store, at 360 degrees with an effect quite similar to those already available in Street View.

Everything, then, without violating anyone’s privacy : in fact, retailers must clearly express its consent to the inclusion in the database, and any customers present at the time of the shooting will be advised of what is happening and any faces in the images taken will be obscured . Google, on the other hand, reserves all rights to the photographs and only upon explicit request by the retailer may arrange the removal of some pictures deemed inappropriate.

No violation of privacy, in short, no shortage of controversy: an initial discussion of possible advantages for potential thieves is already open on the Net, with a series of hypotheses about the opportunity for them to obtain information on the structure of online shopping, no go there in person, before planning a robbery. Such information would be available by simply entering the store, however, why the question would seem completely instrumental and not such as to prevent the start of the project.

Source: VentureBeat and Google Street View
Image: VentureBeat



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