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SpeechJammer: Develop a “Shut-Up Gun” that Makes it Impossible to Speak!

Sure most of those who enter this blog has knowledge of sci-fi weapons of all kinds, but the product developed by Japanese scientists do not belong to a fantasy world. This is a gun that can decrease the ability to speak to people who are closer than 30 meters. The device presented operates very simple and can be recreated in a home. It […]

iPhone Gun XAPPRGun for Augmented Reality (Killer) Game

In June, the iPhone will ratchet XAPPR already sent, have been presented this week at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. XAPPR is an iPhone pistol, is fixed on the the iPhone. With this weapon, we go to hunt opponents in “virtual space”. For $ 29.99 plus shipping and can be XAPPR Coming soon. Techisch is seen Xapprgun Although only […]

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