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Namibia ā€˜Space Ballā€™ Mystery Solved

The mysterious large metallic ball that fell out of the sky in Namibia, sparking considerable panic, is most likely a fuel tank from an unmanned rocket. The hollow “space ball”, which weighs six kilograms and has a circumference of 1.1 metres, wasĀ found near a villageĀ on a remote grassland about 750km from the capital, Windhoek. Locals […]

NASA:The Next Rover to Visit Mars Will be Fully Autonomous

Leading scientists are planning a self controlled / Fully AutonomousĀ navigation system that will piloting the Next Generation Mars Rover, like a kind of autonomous GPS.Ā On Mars, however, there are no GPS satellites to lead, so it is actually quite a clever navigator.Ā Thanks to this, the work vehicle to be speeded up greatly, as it is […]

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