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Vitamins Which Slow the Shrinkage of the Brain

Recent studies have allowed scientists from the U.S. to determine what products to contribute to the human diet mental clarity and high brain activity, and which on the contrary – increase the likelihood of shrinkage of the brain and Alzheimer’s disease. Based on the results of blood tests, a team from Oregon Institute of Public […]

Violent Video Games Take just One Week to Damage the Brain

New scientific study examined the impact of young people with violent computer games and unfortunately, the findings are alarming. As research shows, video games that make use of violence affecting brain activity with results visible in just one week!  For the purposes of research, used a sample of 22 young people, which was divided into […]

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Chewing gum improves brain activity

Most scientists have repeatedly said that chewing gum is harmful to the digestive tract. However, new research shows that chewing gum can still be very much helpful. It turns out that chewing gum improves brain activity and helps to concentrate. This is the conclusion of the American experts Baylor College of Medicine, says Raut . Scientists conducted a research project […]

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