Vitamins Which Slow the Shrinkage of the Brain

Recent studies have allowed scientists from the U.S. to determine what products to contribute to the human diet mental clarity and high brain activity, and which on the contrary – increase the likelihood of shrinkage of the brain and Alzheimer’s disease.Vitamins Which Slow the Shrinkage of the Brain

Based on the results of blood tests, a team from Oregon Institute of Public Health, University of Natural Sciences in Portland, as well as the Linus Pauling Institute (University of Oregon) have made a convincing conclusion. It was found that elderly people are showing good mental activity and brain volume, have high levels of blood fatty acids and vitamins B, C, D and E. This is precisely the effect of which is fixed at the use of seafood, vegetables and fruits.

“Vitamins and nutrients that a person gets from fruits, vegetables and fish, are specific biomarkers in their blood, and I now know for sure that they protect the brain and improve its performance”, – says Pauling Institute and a leading researcher Maret Traber .

It is also necessary to pay attention to those products that are contrary provoke shrinkage of the brain and lead to dementia. We are talking about fast food with the contained trans fats: cakes, and all fried.

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