Sugar Helps in 5 Ways to Enhance our Beauty

Sugar Helps in 5 Ways to Enhance our BeautySugar not only for the preparation, cooking, but also very useful in the beauty of face and body.Sugar helps remove dead cells, skin, clean, hair removal and even helps lipstick more fastness. Here is the formula of beauty with which you can make at home, very simple and not time consuming.

1.Tay dead skin


½ cup sugar

2 tablespoons cream or milk

5 drops of orange essential oil

1 cup almond oil or jojoba


Mix sugar, oil and cream together. After the mixture was mixed well, add orange oil. Rub all over the body starting from your feet upwards. Massage in the direction of the circle and leave it for 10-15 minutes, then shower thoroughly.

2.Tay toxic to skin


½ cup sugar

10 drops lemon oil or ½ cup lemon juice

1 cup olive or almond oil


Mix all ingredients together. Rub all over the body starting from feet upwards. Massage in a circular motion then wash.

3. Waxing


Diameter 10 tablespoons (granulated sugar, sugar apricot …)

Water squeezed from half a lemon (remove stalks)

1 tablespoon water.


Stir the ingredients and the stove, to heat and stir until the stick, turn light brown and aromatic caramel. Stir about 15 seconds on a small flame. How wrong just as I add more water and juice of chanh.Khi feel the adhesive enough, prompt to cool but not warm enough for water lines hardened. Use a wooden spoon this warm coat of glue on the “violin”. Wait until the glue dried, shelled out the junk. When peeled, remember in the opposite direction to the direction of hair growth. Your skin will reveal a clean flat after the last membrane peeling.

When finished, rinse the skin with warm water. Apply body lotion.

4. Soften calluses, lumpy

Mix sugar and cream together in 1:4 ratio, mixed up and used as regular lotion. Let the mixture on elbows, heels, hands and the calluses on the skin on the body. Under the effect of sugar, the skin will gradually return looks smooth, bright white.

5.Giup lipstick color stability

After carmine bars (lipstick), dab a little way up the lips, for about 30 seconds, then licked all the way. Finally, when applying lip gloss (Lipgloss). This helps lipstick stay very long, the girls will feel smooth and soft lips.


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