The Smart Pills:Medical Treatment With Silicon Ingestible Chip

Smart Pills-The Medical Treatment With Silicon Ingestible Chip

The product includes two pills of the drug itself and a placebo that is affixed to the chip and must be taken at once.  The signal is received by a receiver installed in a small patch that must be renewed periodically. 

The essential information reaches the chip and transmitted to the  mobile phone of the patient and the physician’s computer. The pill contains data on vital signs and records if you are taking the treatment properly.

Medical Treatment With Silicon Ingestible Chip -full

Pills ” smart “ will be marketed by the company since September Lloyds pharmacy in the UK under the name of Helius. The treatment will cost around € 60 a month .

Its creation began in 2009 in Silicon Valley, USA, when a small company called Proteus Biomedical began developing an ingestible chip .

The design of this type of pill is born from the concern of doctors how patients take their treatment. With these devices, can now perform a detailed monitoring of the patient , so that treatment can be changed on the fly if the results are not desired.

However, the technology remains too expensive compared to more traditional screening methods.

Source :AP


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