Simple Prevention of Cold in Children

Simple Prevention of Cold in ChildrenWhen we were planning to become mothers, we do not think about how often we have to deal with children’s colds, and how much trouble and difficulty, they will deliver us. After all, if the baby had a cold, which means that it must be properly and consistently treated. Mom – to take sick leave. Skip garden, or even worse – the school. A missed schoolwork need to catch up. And the work does not approve of your frequent “freezes” at the hospital. A force at the end. A cold, once you have it is difficult to cure, is repeated several weeks later. A vicious circle …

What to do? Is our favorite childhood children will be held under the banner of ARI, acute respiratory infections and flu. Do we have the joy of motherhood “snatches” of the common cold?
Is it eternal snot, cough and fever and is a very happy childhood, which we dreamed to give our children?

If you go to such thoughts, if you are not configured with a kind of doomed to carry this “heavy cross” – say, what can you do, that’s life – you should think about prevention. If you prepare in advance of the child to the attack of viruses, then the body can fight colds and do not give up so quickly and easily, as it is two … three … four or more times a year!

Thus, prevention. As a preventive measure against SARS, influenza and ARI has proven himself Anaferon children. This product was created for the treatment of viral diseases in children according to the technology ultra-low doses, which resulted in efficiency combined with high security. Anaferon children’s shows, even the kids from the same month of life and children at risk of suffering from allergies and asthma.

Mom, of course, want to know how to act in the body of the child Anaferon children , what is his job. So

Anaferon children entering the child’s body, activates the production of their own protective substances – interferon, thus blocked propagation of viruses. This Anaferon children as it encourages and trains the child’s immune system. Thus, the drug helps the body fight viruses child more effectively and with less stress. It is important to understand that children Anferon regulates the immune system of the child – does not it work for him!

But back to prevention. Prophylactic course with Anaferon child is 3-4 weeks of one tablet per day. To conduct such a course should be before the season of colds – in the early to mid-autumn and late winter. The result of this “military training” is expressed in the fact that the virus attacks the body of the child is ready for a quick and effective protection.

Studies have shown that prophylactic course with Anaferon child reduces the likelihood of colds! Maybe that’s Anaferon children, the preparation of the ten-year history of success, we will help you break the cycle of colds? And now it’s time to get down to business. Remember: prevention is something that should be done in advance!


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