Childhood Cancer can be Cured Completely

Childhood Cancer can be Cured Completely

The international conference was very exciting with many scientists and other threads going into actual treatments and care for patients.That is confirmed by Prof. Nguyen Cong Khanh, chairman of Vietnam Association of Pediatrics, Children’s Cancer Society, in the International Conference of childhood cancers central region “Improving the quality of care patients” took place in Hue city.

Childhood Cancer can be Cured Completely

International Conference on pediatric cancer with scientists around the world attended

 Nguyen Cong Khanh said,

The child care has not been paying much attention. The non-infected patients in which cancer in children is increasing. In particular, cancer in children differ from adults in the disease, its treatment … However, thanks to the advancement of medicine that many childhood cancers have been cured. And we see this is a completely curable disease 


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