Scientists Believe Jealousy is a Brain Disease

jealousyItalian neuroscientists have identified the area of the human brain, which is responsible for feelings of jealousy.

Scientists from the University of Pisa opened, what part of the brain “fault” is that some people have a morbid jealousy. This is the ventromedial prefrontal cortex – it is not only responsible for learning and thinking, but also for the control of emotions, including jealousy. If this area of the brain biochemical failures occur, it leads to the fact that a person becomes obsessed with obsessions. According to the researchers, in itself jealousy – is a natural feeling, but a biochemical imbalance in the brain is able to turn it into obsession. In some cases, people with “Othello Syndrome” begin to pursue other people and can walk to the murder or suicide.

University staff made their discovery by observing patients suffering from schizophrenia, alcoholism and Parkinson’s disease . According to experts, the study will help to develop tests that can identify potential “Othello” in the early stages of the disease.


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