How to quickly cure a cold

8 ways that really work to cure a cold and flue.

A cold can have a dozen reasons.e.g 10 Reasons You Have a Runny Nose. Some reasons are ARVI, infections to seasonal allergies, hormonal changes and a sharp temperature difference.

quickly cure a cold

But it is not important. Regardless of the cause of the snot or nasal congestion, there are simple ways to get rid of the problem. Some of them will bring only temporary relief but others will help to cure a cold quickly and permanently. Choose the option that seems most comfortable to you.

1. Drink hot tea to cure a cold

Drink hot tea or any other drink. The main thing is to be hot but not burning. Heat and steam increase blood circulation in the nasopharynx. As a Result – runny nose retreats and breathing becomes easier. It is also important to understand that What are the common cold and flu?.

2. Just drink as much liquid as possible.

As given the item above, it is better to warm – then the effect will intensify. But if you have only cool drinks on hand or just water from the cooler the these will do the work. The meaning here is as follows.

When there is not enough water in the body then the nose is also unhealthy. The mucus (the same snot) inside the nostrils dries out, becomes thicker and due to its layer thickens leads to nasal congestion. Moreover, in such a thick cushion of snot the viruses and bacteria feel at ease.It is the reason that the disease can drag on or develop into something much more unpleasant than the common cold. Sinusitis is one of example.

By adding fluids, you will make the mucus more fluid and its layer will be thinner. If you had nasal congestion, it will go away and the snot of a normal flowing consistency will allow the body to quickly clean viruses from the nasopharynx. So by this exercise, we can get rid of the common cold and cold in general.

3. Inhale to cure the cold

Inhalation of hot steam dramatically reduces cold symptoms, runny nose and reduces the time of illness.

A reputable medical resource Healthline recommends to do inhalation like this:

  • Heat clean water in a saucepan. It is not necessary to bring it to a boil – it is enough that steam is formed above the liquid.
  • Put a pot of water on the table or another convenient horizontal surface and hold the face over it for 20–30 minutes, moving away if the steam is too hot.
  • Take a deep breath through your nose. Exhale through the nose. Try to exhale with effort to get rid of mucus.

In the water for inhalation, you can add a few drops of essential oil with a decongestant effect. Eucalyptus, peppermint, sage, rosemary, pine, tea tree, thyme – choose to your taste.

4. Take a hot shower to cure a cold

A good option if you need quick relief. Like inhalation or hot tea, the shower effectively stops the flow from the nose and eliminates the feeling of congestion.

5. Do a warm compress for the nose

Apply Stuffy or runny nose – adult a napkin soaked in hot (but not scalding!) water for 2-3 minutes 3-4 times a day.

6. Flush the nose with saline

You can buy ready-made salt spray at the pharmacy, and you can prepare it yourself. The recipe is simple: add ½ tsp of salt and a pinch of soda to a glass (240 ml) of warm water. Rinse the nose with this solution 3-4 times a day until the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

7. Use vasoconstrictor nasal sprays or drops.

They eliminate puffiness and slow down the formation of new snot. The result is almost instantaneous: the nose breathes again and does not drip from it. This magic effect lasts, as a rule, for several hours and then the procedure has to be repeated. Unless, of course, the body during this time has not dealt with the main cause of the snot.

It is important to remember: such funds should not be used for longer than 3 days.

Otherwise, unpleasant side effects are possible: from simple habituation to a specific remedy (hereinafter the vessels simply stop responding to it) to thinning of the nasal mucosa, the development of medical rhinitis and other filth.

8. And consult a doctor!

A runny nose is not an independent disease, but only a symptom. To get rid of it completely, it is necessary to overcome the disease, whose “side effect” it is. This is most effectively done under the guidance of a professional physician or a narrower specialist (Laura, allergist).

Important note: there are types of rhinitis that require immediate medical attention. Go to a general practitioner or at least call for a consultation if:

  • Your runny nose is accompanied by swelling of the forehead, either side of the nose or cheeks, eyes, or is associated with blurred vision.
  • In addition to the cold, you have a sore throat, or you notice white or yellow spots on the tonsils and other parts of the nasopharynx.
  • Snot have a pronounced unpleasant smell.
  • A runny nose appeared on the background of a cough that lasts more than 10 days, and the snot is yellow green or gray.
  • A runny nose occurred immediately after a head injury.
  • Runny nose accompanied by fever.

This combination of symptoms suggests that you may have a disease more serious than normal rhinitis. We can talk about angina, antritis, serious hormonal disorders, brain contusion, bacterial lesions, including meningitis and so on. And in this case it is better to be safe.

Please share some useful tips with us to cure a cold more quickly.


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