What is the Most Popular Element of the Periodic Table?

most_popular_elementsOxygen and hydrogen are the most important chemical elements for human survival. These elements are needed for breathing and water, but that does not mean, it is the most popularĀ chemical elements.

Ā The proof given byĀ Ā Anders Sandberg after the Google-search visualization aboutĀ Periodic Table, in which chemical elements are written in different sizes depending on the number of searches on the search engineĀ Google SearchĀ .

Ā As you can see, champions are “precious” Ag and Au (gold and silver) yes, what is more popular than money?Ā and almost searching for Bh and LvĀ (Boris and livermorio)Ā isĀ zero. These elements,Ā just last year addedĀ to the periodic table.



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