Method of Training to Better Memory

People with extraordinary memory with the ability to remember the order of a deck of cards has been disturbed, or hundreds of random numbers within a few minutes, they did not have any special ability does. Their brain completely is like ours, but their secret lies in how to practice. Here are a few tips on the Nelson Dellis, champion of the tournament’s 15th USA Memory Championship sharing.

Before going into the specific mode of exercise below, readers can test your temporary numbers in the table below. Take 5 minutes for the brain to operate at the station, and see how much you remember the 500 number.

Dry turn things into living image
500 above figures may be horrifying nightmare to anyone here, but do not be discouraged, if you know how, you can turn them from the dry pebbles into the dish much easier to swallow. Basically, there are 2 steps for you to remember anything, from any phone number in your phonebook to the car where this morning.
A. Things that turn your brain does not want to remember into vivid pictures.
B. Find a place to “anchor” to the image.
Method of Training to Better Memory
Let’s take the example above with the name Nelson. You can easily think of a popular character also has this name – Nelson Mandela. Next, the step 2, try to imagine a character with which to “anchor” to the name. For example, with Nelson’s oversized nose, you can imagine the scene ….. Nelson Mandela is on the nose strip of Nelson – the champion stood in front of you. Remember, the more to these images ridiculous how much more you will long remember this much information.
Particularly with names, do not ever look at how to write, but let’s focus on pronunciationBreak the name into syllables and turn it into single imagesWith the name Nelson, you can separate it into 2 parts Nel – kneeling (pronounced close to the knee) and Son – the sun (rhymes with Sun), and from there, you can think of a person image kneeling and pointing at the sun.

The “neo” is used can be anything, a certain details on the clothes, eyes, mustache … Anything to make an impression for you
So, when you meet someone and hear them introduce their names, try to split the name into one syllable, this syllable turn into vivid pictures and put them into a “neo” any it. When you meet again next time, just look at the details, you will immediately remember the ridiculous image they have imagined, and therefore easier to recall the person’s name.
For example, a patient with which the author has met this morning, with the name Marine – identical to the name of a very hot girl in my grade 2 class. The “anchor” that the author selected here is very provocative lips, and just a little imagination, such as Scene 2 wrapped her lips together in the environment, the author can easily recall the this name. Quite headed voice, but also very easy to remember.
Connect the associated
To remember a long solid row of numbers, or any order of a deck of cards, the separation technique-and-anchor should be applied, but you need to push it up another level.
Technique often used is called Dominic System, invented by Dominic O’Brien, a champion of the tournament Memory ChampionIn principle, these numbers will be transferred into the name stands for someone, and they are “anchored” to one or more of the specific actions that we can more easily imagine . Take, for example the number 00. You will move into OO 2 digits – and many people will easily relate to the name of Ozzy Osbourne. Details used in this scene could be Ozzy’s chewing the broken bottom that a bat, and obviously this one’s easier to remember than a 0 between the plates.

For this approach to be effective, you need to personalize the frames. Closer and more “allergic”, we will be more easier to remember. Try to apply this method to remember the order of 52 cards. Take for example the military J Bich, perhaps you will think of the name Justin Bieber. Details can be attached to pretty feminine hair singer of this scandalous. Next, with ten Roman soldiers, yes, 2 MR stands as the author can not remember right to holy Mary, and details attached here sure do not need to discuss further.
This approach will make you very quickly remember the order of the cards. Imagine that the characters in the first card is taking action in the 2nd card, the card details in the 3rd. For example, Justin Bieber (J Bich), are themselves happy …. (Ten Ro) with his shorts of Axl Rose (at Rome).

It will take some time to quickly set up the association and the relationship between the cards (or numbers, or anything else), and it really makes you become more creative more. The Champion Memory Champion in the competition can easily remember the order of 52 cards in less than 2 minutes. (Nelson, the most recent champion to less than a minute).
Practice every day
Let yourself build up a storehouse of memory, starting with the most familiar place – your home. Pay attention to every detail, turning them into vivid pictures, and a little bit bizarre the better. Create any relationship between these details together, so that they seamlessly into a story without endIf you are not a person with a good imagination, let’s try to incorporate as many senses as possible – color, sound, taste …. Episode observed more and more attention. Remember, the lack of focus is the greatest enemy of memory.

 Reference: Lifehacker


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