Messi’s Secret Lies Not in His feet But in his Brain

Messi's Secret

Study says, football player thinks faster than opponent, has shared attention and eyes on his back

Of course Lionel Messi shakes his prodigious dribbling from his quick feet, but from a Swedish scientific study shows now that the secret of top players like Messi but especially in the cup. Messi has not only improved physical football skills, his football genius comes primarily from its firmer brains. The greatest footballers on the planet simply do not have hyper-developed executive functions in their gray matter.Messi much faster analyzes situations based on previous matches, was featured for many things at once, eyes on his back and can also the reactions of his opponents predict and respond by a sudden movement to unpack.

 Top players with a football brain is better developed statistical scoring more goals and give more assists. The researchers also found that the football brain is developing very early and scouts to advise in the selection of the top youth players for less focus on physical and engineering, but also to measure their football genius.

When looking at the alien slaloms and swift dribbling of Lionel Messi and other top players will also have ever wondered what distinguishes them from an ordinary mortal, or an ordinary footballer. This not only has to do with physical or technical football skills, or experience or listen to the tactical guidance of the trainer, but with a better developed (soccer) brain. That represents a scientific study published in the Swedish journal PLoS ONE. Quick AdjustEspecially the functions in our brains for a rapid implementation, would be better developed by Messi and co. “A football player needs an exceptional attention to space and shared attention. That means that he is many things at once be able to think.

Furthermore, he also has an excellent execution brain have and also have the ability to influence the behavior of other players interpret. He must also adapt quickly to changing situations, from strategy to change to accommodate the anticipated reaction of his opponents to counter. in neuropsychology who called the performance capabilities functionality. ” That, the researchers from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.more Scoring The team of researchers has the football skills of professionals from the Swedish first and second class were examined and compared with a representative sample of the general population. The result is indisputable: the professional footballers have developed much better performance features than ordinary mortals. 

There is also a clear difference between the players of the first and second class. It is noteworthy that age and level of training hardly different. Players with more advanced performance features in their brain, scoring more goals and give statistically more assists. Eyes back on the expression that the greatest footballers apparently “eyes on their backs” now also appears scientifically supported. They can operate without teammates to see them. This is so because of their better (soccer) brain: they remember past situations and the behavior of teammates and opponents analyzed.On that basis can they fly quickly make decisions on the field. Early testing , the study does not clarify whether the differences in the brain to better footballers genetically determined or developed through training. What is certain is: football talent has been growing during childhood to 20 years.

 That’s true to reality than perfect, because Lionel Messi was as broekie already a very talented footballer and the Argentine gods child is still only 24 years young.Therefore recommend the Swedish researchers football scouts to in the future in the youth not only to screen for physical and engineering but also aimed to measure the football brain. Only with neuropsychological tests would one determine if someone is able to reach the highest peak in the football world. If bouncer following a series of wondrous dribbling of Lionel Messi


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