College Football Rankings 2011:USA Today/Coaches Poll Ranks

College Football Rankings 2011:USA Today/Coaches Poll RanksU.S. Today Plus Coaches poll was released Tuesday morning (Given At the end of Post).The weekend after Labor Day and therefore, the Cardinal of Stanford stay located in the range six in the ranking. The cardinal sent conveniently San Jose State Spartans 57-3, but given the magnitude of competition, not surprisingly.. the cardinal could not climb in the rankings. They were outscored by jumping Boise State, while Oregon fell to fourteen.

Oklahoma maintained its lead over the ranks and joined a ballot primary. Alabama lost four votes to Oklahoma and LSU, the Tigers climb out of seven votes in first and third. Florida State put together rose to fourth with his victory over Louisiana Monroe.

Boise State was the beneficiary of massive week, as it rose two points on the back of your dominant road win over the Bulldogs of Georgia. The schedule for the Broncos, succeeded last week in losing to TCU at Baylor. TCU loss fell to No. twenty five and hurts the Broncos schedule. Boise State created the westward movement Mountain, however, the loss of Brigham Young University in Utah, and can create value, as its bid for an effort in the national championship.

Stanford travels to face the Duke Blue Devils during a set-up for the Pac-12 opening of the Cardinal against Arizona on Sept- 17. one week is fairly quiet in the rankings by fighting only groups classified feature below the polls.

RankTeam (first-place votes)RecordPointsLast week’s poll
1.Oklahoma (43)1-01,4541
2.Alabama (9)1-01,4122
3.LSU (7)1-01,3664
4.Florida State1-01,1985
5.Boise State1-01,1977
7.Oklahoma State1-01,0388
8.Texas A&M1-09979
11.Virginia Tech1-086313
12.South Carolina1-082712
15.Ohio State1-068616
16.Michigan State1-058417
17.Mississippi State1-049720
20.Penn State1-024725
23.Arizona State1-0189NR
24.West Virginia1-0185NR


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