JH17: An Amazing Vaccine Which Promotes Weight Loss

JH17A group of researchers has recently announced in the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology , they discovered a new type of  vaccine JH17 An Amazing Vaccine Which Promotes Weight Loss and prevent weight gain  . A first test with success rate of 100% in mice being able to induce weight loss by administering vaccines JH17 and JH18 .

Vaccines have been developed based on somatostatin , a hormone inhibitory protein and growth hormone. The latter is a peptide hormone which stimulates not only growth, cell reproduction and regeneration, but also increases the metabolism and thus promotes weight loss.

What researchers have thought is that by injecting a somatostatin body reacts by producing antibodies against somatostatin itself, and therefore the inhibitory effect of somatostatin on growth hormone would be canceled .

Consequently, will increase growth hormone metabolism without being inhibited by somatostatin. It is also to stimulate lipolysis metabolic process by which lipids are transformed organism to produce glycerol and fatty acids for energy needs-growth hormone plays a key role in the stimulation of protein synthesis, muscle growth and bone mineralization.

To do this, researchers conducted the study in two groups of mice. One group consisted of 10 obese mice induced with a control group. The group of obese mice received two immunizations of modified somatostatin, a the first day and the second at 22 days. Meanwhile, the other control group received saline injections.

Obese mice were fed a high fat diet eight weeks before the study and for six weeks on it. After four days of the first vaccine, the researchers found a decrease of 10% of their body weight (obese) , a change was not observed in mice in the control group.

After completing the study, scientists found that the vaccines caused the appearance of anti-somatostatin antibodies with a reduced weight of 10%.

From here, researchers continue to advance with more tests to bring the vaccine to human clinical trials. A fight against obesity, a major problem in modern societies. Associated with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even cancers, there are far more successful remedies that diets, exercise or surgery.


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