Withdraws Otellini, Intel is Looking for a New Guide

Withdraws Otellini, Intel is Looking for a New Guide 1

Paul Otellini

Paul Otellini announced with an official willingness to withdraw from the leadership of Intel . His name has been strongly identified with the group since 40 years Otellini is at the service of the company and for 8 years he is the undisputed leader (the regency Otellini began May 18, 2005). The decision is of personal and becomes enforceable from May next year.

Otellini explained its decision with the maturation of the times: “I had the privilege of leading one of the largest companies in the world. After about 4 decades […] the time has come to change and to transfer the leadership of Intel to a new generation of leadership . “

 No fracture and generous thanks from Andy Bryant to the one who has driven the company from the domain era “Wintel” to the pitfalls of today’s market: Otellini says that by its use the remaining months to help guide the interim to assist in the transition and to assist the Board of Directors in the selection of the new CEO. Otellini also remain on the board as a result of his resignation as CEO, so choosing a less operating to make room for the one who will in fact be just the sixth CEO in the entire history of the group.

Intel took the opportunity for a small internal reorganization and shall now be looking (both within the team and outside) of a new guide. The announcement of details of the succession will take place at the annual meeting of the group with shareholders.

Source: Intel


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