Windows 8.1 will have a Fingerprint Reader

Windows-8.1-Fingerprint-ReaderThe operating system Windows 8.1 will support integrated fingerprint reader, writes The Verge referring to representatives of Microsoft.

Working with the scanner was possible in previous versions of the OS, but the drivers and software for the device provides third-party company. Windows 8.1 will “recognize” scanners without any additional software.

User will be able to associate with your account imprint Microsoft. This will give him the opportunity to log on to approve the purchase of programs or applications to authenticate with a finger on the scanner. In addition, the fingerprint can be “protected” personal folders.

In Microsoft noted that the fingerprint scanner support was made possible thanks to the close cooperation with the “two or three” manufacturers of such devices. The company also urged its partners to embed scanners in laptops, tablets, keyboard and mouse.

Windows 8.1 is a major upgrade to the operating system Windows 8. Its beta version will be released on June 26. It is expected that Windows 8.1 will attend the button “Start”, which is not in the eight, and the user will be able to skip the screen with “live tiles” on boot.


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