“Stereogranimator” Makes 3D Images and Animated Gifs with Old Photos

Stereogranimator - To make 3D images and animated gifs with old photos

Stereogranimator is a project of the New York Public Library created to help users make 3D images and animated GIF files from the tens of thousands of old photos you have in your database.

In the collection there are thousands of stereographic library, a very common picture format since the 19th century in which two images were placed next to each other to create a 3-D effect.

To create an animated gif just have to select the desired image pair and synchronize their position to maintain a single point in the same place, seeing in real time would result in the right pane.

The 3D effect can only be enjoyed with proper glasses, the process being similar to the previous building.

Thousands of users to help the New York Public Library to organize their digital content while they entertain for a while.

Personally I Enjoy it very much, It is a great fun with old Memories.Lets Try with Following Link and Share Your Comments on Revoseek.com.

Link: Stereogranimator


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