Samsung also Has Rights Problems of Employees at Subcontractors

Samsung also Has Rights Problems of Employees at Subcontractors 1

We all remember the media scandals caused by the discovery of the working conditions of certain employees of Foxconn manufacturers working on Apple products. Wave media had forced Apple to respond forcefully and trigger first audit then force Foxconn to deeply review its wage policy to improve the working conditions of its employees. By Following Apple, China Labor Watch has attacked on the working conditions of subcontractors of SamsungThis eventually started as an audit to found major problems. If any minor has been found working on production lines, other than work schedules or far beyond the permissible Burden then su-contractor will be Responsible and punished according to Chinese law .In addition, some subcontractors practiced systems of fines in case of absence or insufficient quotas  which is thought illegal.

Samsung has announced its intention to break its contracts with any subcontractors that would work for children and would require other they break more laws. In addition, always like what Apple has done, Samsung will strengthen security measures to better protect employees.

Just like Apple, Samsung will certainly have to pay a portion of the requested measures and incentive under the pressure of trading partners.


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