When Microsoft’s Partners do not Believe the Success of the Tablet Surface

When Microsoft's Partners do not Believe the Success of the Tablet Surface 1

In announcing its intention to exit at a future date at an unknown rate a tablet under its own brand Microsoft has surprised everyone including all of its manufacturing partners of tablets that had been warned that shortly before.

It seems that Microsoft wanted to show the way for these partners by creating a product considered the company as successful and more likely to be successful, which was not the case for example with the Slate, HP tablet running Windows that has a total flop.

Microsoft obviously wanting to show his partner what to do has not pleased, far from it. Thus, the CEO of Acer, which manufactures tablets think Microsoft can not compete with the iPad and would not have intended. The company look more to move its partners ‘hardware’ for mature products they offer can be successful because the company has more to gain by selling licenses as shelves.

Microsoft therefore seek only to move the lines. We certainly know the real intentions of the company the day it will announce the price of the tablet. If it is high enough to compete with manufacturers of tablets that will only emulation for them. If he is very aggressive it will be proof that Microsoft wants to go into competition with them and carve out a long-term share of this market.


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