Microsoft Does not Trust the Partners

Microsoft Buys 800 Patents and Netscape

The software giant takes the surface fabrication into their own hands and alienated partners. The rationale: The success should no longer lie solely in the hands of other hardware manufacturers. 

Earlier this week, Microsoft has once again brought into position as a hardware company.The software giant is a hybrid laptop – Tablet device to bring to market two versions, one with ARM processors and Windows RT, one with Intel chips and Windows 8 (see Microsoft is building its own tablet PC for Windows 8 ). The new models are about the same time with the new operating system will appear on the market, or about the fall of 2012. For pricing could not or would Microsoft not say anything yet, it would be “competitive with comparable ARM Tablets and Ultra books be, “the company said simply. IDC expects prices 400-500 dollars, or comparable with the prices of cheap and iPad2 iPad3 devices.

Plenty of room for speculation thus offers the future relationship with the partners. Although Microsoft has years of experience in the hardware market, the company successfully sells mice, keyboards, and the Xbox game console.But the failures are also crashing over in the hardware business: The MP3 player “Zune” iPod was sent into a hopeless battle against Apple, and Microsoft’s mobile phone “Kin” failed due to strong competition. But never before penetrated existing hardware activities in the core of Microsoft’s partner relationship that is based primarily on business with Windows-based workstations and productivity features.

“Bring out products in the PC market is quite different,” warns IDC. “It basically shows that the company now accepts the changed consumer behavior, which in a few years ago by Apple’s iPad has changed considerably and expected hardware, software and services that fit into each other. “Microsoft is apparently no longer willing, an operating system to design, to hope in the sequence that the partners make the most of it. “Microsoft has registered that the partners are either unwilling or not able to deliver what Microsoft needs to stay competitive,” even concluded the analyst firm Saugatuck. In this sense, when incorporated into their own hands-production proof for Microsoft’s Surface distrust of hardware partners.

The new strategy should at least provoke conflicts with partners. But the risk of IDC evaluated as predictable as “the attempts of many partners, with Android -based tablet to succeed in the market, were not very successful, “observes IDC analyst Al Gillen. “Microsoft firmly believes that they remain faithful to Windows, liberty of their own hardware plans. In all likelihood they will remain so.”

This view is not all market watchers Sun “Surface dynamics between Microsoft and the customer will change in the long run,” said Patrick Moorhead from the market research house moor Insights & Strategy of the ” Wall Street Journal “.It affects it also affects the relationship with the partners. He take it for granted that some hardware manufacturers will stop with plans for Windows-based 8-tablets their plans in light of the new development. Microsoft has turned to anger is also because the partners were informed shortly before the release of new hardware strategy. Even high Microsoft executives were surprised by the top-secret project, knows this well-informed Wall Street Journal.

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