Intel Released its First PCI-Express SSD

Intel released its first PCI-Express SSD

On several occasions Intel announced its intention to push forward the PCI Express interface for storage media such as SSD already arriving to saturate the SATA III while its new version is not yet valid. 

The founder intel has just introduced its first SSD PCI-Express home series 910.

Of course this first SSD PCI-Express is a product for professionals at least with respect to prices that are $ 1,929 for the 400GB model and $ 3,859 for 800 GB

At this rate we are treated to MLC memory HET-more durable than conventional MLC and hair-raising performance:

  • for the 400 GB: 1000 MB / s Read, 750MB / s write, IOPS 4K 90 000 38 000 read and write,
  • Go for the 800: 2000 MB / s read, 1000 MB / s write, 180 000 4KB IOPS read and 75,000 write.

These SSDs respectively peuve cash writing of 7 and 14 PB of data and its 5 year warranty.

Attention is not yet in a native PCI-Express product, electronics using a PCI-Express bridge to SAS which are then placed the two plates containing the Flash memory.

If the present no obstacle in the path of PCI-Express SSD natively there could be performance of this order on the consumer market by 2 to 3 years. 


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