Intel Haswell: Intel Plans to Offer an All in One Chip

Ivy Bridge’s successor already has a name, Haswell. This platform will use the same etching 22 nm but is entitled to profound changes in its design to improve performance and also save even more energy consumed. 
To optimize consumption, Intel is preparing to do something as yet unpublished, to all that is required to operate a computer on one chip. Here are some reminders:

  • Historically, one processor was supported by two chips, the Northbridge and Southbridge. The first was managing memory and ports as the AGP bus and the second slower, USB, PCI …
  • Intel has decided to simplify things and built into the processor in addition to the graphics (a fourth bullet before), most of the NorthBridge.
  • Now Intel wants to create a monolithic chip that would contain the whole.

It would be a step forward for several reasons. For starters, everything would be engraved in 22 nm and consume less than if we had more chips. Then, the design of motherboards would be greatly simplified with fewer tracks and therefore a smaller size and a lowered cost. 
The mobile version of Haswell should all be in the form of single chip. However, we retain the dual chip for desktop machines. It’s almost a shame since there is not very far from a system where we could, just by changing the processor, access to all the new technology of a new generation of processors.But it would be a nightmare for computer manufacturers.


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