Ivy Bridge Processors Core i7 3770k: Do not Disappoint

Ivy Bridge Processors Core i7 3770k - Do not Disappoint

AnandTech has published the first test of an Ivy Bridge processor, the Core i7 3770k whose base frequency is 3.5 GHz and 3.9 GHz in Turbo mode on 4 cores. 

CPU performance level of Ivy Bridge processor is up 5 to 15% compared to Sandy Bridge chips is noble knowing that the main novelty is the finer engraving. It allows also to win over 30W compared to the previous generation which is huge. 

The graphics, the Intel HD 4000 provides an important benefit compared to 3000 with performance well up, until 50%. It is certainly not always at a dedicated graphics card but it is becoming increasingly feasible to use Intel’s integrated solutions if one is a player capable of moderate resolution merely reasonable. It remains far in graphics that AMD offers in its APU, about 33% less than the current generation.

Appointment in less than two months to see what these chips will be able to do in the iMac and laptops.

Information Track : AnandTech

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