Former Intel Employee had Stolen Secrets of the Corporation

Former Intel Employee had Stolen Secrets of the Corporation

Ex-engineer at Intel, who joined the work at AMD, and accused of stealing corporate secrets worth over $ 1 billion, pleaded guilty to the crime. Now he faces a prison term of up to 20 years. According to news agency Bloomberg, 36-year-old engineer Bishvamohan Pani (Biswamohan Pani) at a regular meeting of the court he admitted stealing the Intel documentation to transfer to his new employer, AMD.

According to official figures, the last meeting was held at the courthouse in Massachusetts. Each of the documents stolen by Mr. Pani could cause damage to Intel in the amount of $ 200 million to $ 400 million still counting is carried out, this is preliminary data. In August, a court in Massachusetts will make the final verdict on the case and determine the sentence. Finally, the defendant faces up to 20 years.

On the theft of corporate documents Intel has learned four years ago, in the summer of 2008, when the engineer went to work for an attacker to AMD. The lawsuit filed against him chipmaker in August of that year. The statement indicated that Mr. Pani copied the 100 pages of various documents, many of which could significantly change the balance of power in the market of processors and personal computers in favor of AMD. Authorized searches in the apartment Bishvamohana Pani failed – copies of the ill-fated documents were found.

Searched the apartment of former Intel engineer, was conducted by the FBI. According to officials of the organization, the stolen documents were seized in time – the offender does not have time to transfer them to AMD. To a large extent contributed to the success of the operation quick reaction Intel and its assistance in the course of the investigation.AMD has been involved in the process of clarifying the truth, and there is evidence that the secret documents of Intel had not reached up to AMD.


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