The integrated USB 3.0 to Ivy Bridge is Quite Efficient

For years many of us hope for the arrival of USB 3.0 on our Mac. With the arrival in late April of Ivy Bridge, it is now upon us, or rather range of connectors of our future machines.

It is time to focus on the performance of USB 3.0 controller that Intel integrated directly in its chips. VR-Zone has been compared to other solutions added on PC motherboards.

Good news, the solution seems to Intel and its performance is accomplished at the rendezvous. Except in one test, the USB 3.0 Intel finishes first or good second-level flow. Until the Thunderbolt became widespread, it is certain that the USB 3.0 external drives are excellent solutions, which are likely to rapidly displace the FireWire 800. For example, here is one of the tests performed on a USB 3.0 very swift:

The integrated USB 3.0 to Ivy Bridge is Quite Efficient

USB 3.0 is here twice as well in writing and read three times better than FireWire 800, a real gulf, what consider putting an SSD in a box 2.5 “sold a few dozen (not much) Euros/Dollars to take part.


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