Firefox 11 Beta With SPDY and New Development Tool

Firefox 11 Beta With SPDY and New Development Tool

Mozilla has released a beta version of Firefox 11 published. The key new features include new developer tools, synchronize extensions across multiple computers and support for Google’s HTTP SPDY successor.

Firefox 11 Beta supports the protocol developed by Google SPDY, which should lead to shorter loading times of websites. However, SPDY are also supported on server side and that’s been a few exceptions only for Google Sites is the case.

In addition, it enables Firefox 11 Extensions to synchronize across multiple platforms.Users must explicitly enable this feature, but in the synchronization settings.

The future support for those switching from other browsers, Firefox and Google Chrome included migration tool, so that data and settings are also taken from Chrome.

New Developer Tools

For developers, Firefox offers two new tools: 3D Page Inspector and the Style Editor.The introduced with Firefox 10 Page Inspector receives a 3D view showing the structure of a site in three dimensions. Such deep nestings are easily recognizable. The feature has been available on the Firefox extension Tilt available.

The Style Editor allows you to alter CSS files one side so that the changes to appear directly on the site. Then use the modified CSS files are stored.

The beta of Firefox 11 is now available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X in beta channel of Firefox available for download. Details about the new features found in therelease notes .

12 Firefox Aurora

Mozilla is also the Aurora version of Firefox released 12. This includes numerous small changes, but no major changes. Among other things, simple map and set builtins have been integrated from ECMAScript Harmony, these changes should also be removed with the beta version again. They are used only for testing purposes.

12 Firefox Aurora also includes multi-touch support for Android, supports line breaks in tooltips and XmlHttpRequest, a network timeout can be specified.

Firefox is at 12 Aurora Aurora-channel of Firefox available for download.


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