New Features in the Ivy Bridge Chipsets

Intel 6 series chipset compatible with Ivy Bridge

At the end of Sandy Bridge and controller Z68, Intel introduced the Smart Response. It allows you to use a small SSD as a cache system for high-capacity disk. Apple did not choose to use it, probably because it involved only a single controller.

According to Our Ivy Bridge Series 7 inspectors, Intel will support two new features, Rapid Start and Smart Connect. We do not yet know many things, the information is fragmentary.

New features in the Ivy Bridge chipsets

Rapid Start is implementing a monitoring system similar to Mac OS X, which will copy the entire disk or RAM instead of the SSD. The goal is to turn off the machine and quickly recover to start the state it was before the sleep total. Apple maintains a similar thing at the EFI but the copy of the RAM disk is used only if one runs out of energy.

Smart Connect is a different system. This is a summary of a system that will emerge from time to time the computer from sleep, to relieve selected information such as your email and have them available as soon as you return to work on his machine.

All this requires, however, a complex partitioning of SSD as each system requires a specific partition to function, something not very close to the philosophy of Apple, who wants to avoid at all costs that customers get their hands dirty.


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