Carrier IQ Responds to Allegations

Carrier IQ Responds to AllegationsThe Company Carrier IQ,  that develops software for smartphones eponymous currently in the spotlight for alleged violations of privacy,  rejects the allegations and took to the field to defend their position. A defense that focuses on a fundamental point: The application did so in order to capture some information about the device, but only in order to allow carriers and manufacturers to offer their customers a better service.

Our software receives a large amount of information from the operating system,” said Andrew Coward , vice president of marketing at Carrier IQ, speaking on AllThingsDigital. ” That does not mean that what is then used to track receives information on users or are sent to operators . ” 

The only information processed by the software can be credited in recent weeks as a “spy” would then be related to the operation of the device.The telephone services offered by carriers and other aspects, with no intention of extracting sensitive information and compromise your privacy.

We do not read the messages, but when we find one is coming, we see the phone number of the sender, but we do not store, analyze or transmit any information on SMS,” he said Coward. 

If a call is disconnected, the operator wants to know why: This record where the call was blocked and cells to which the device was connected at this time ‘: Carrier IQ, then, would have only the purpose of tracking information a totally anonymous to allow operators to obtain details on the quality of its services and about any problems with the shot so as to correct and improve the quality of the bar.

Coward then continues by saying that the videos posted by Trevor Eckhart shows that in a smartphone, “there are a lot of information available,” but that they are “processed, stored or sent outside of the device.” Carrier IQ clear that it is the responsibility of individual mobile operators to decide how to deal with the data available for how long to keep them.

Carrier IQ, in short, tries to defend himself after the rain of accusations from all over the world, focusing on the goodness of the services offered. According to Carrier IQ, It is not violation of the right to privacy .

Source: AllThingsDigital 


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