Nintendo Introduced the Final Version of the Console, Wii U

Performance of Nintendo Wii U Console

Nintendo has officially announced its new game console Wii U, holding its preview the day before a full demonstration at E3 2012 show in Los Angeles.

Oddly enough, but Wii U, a descendant of consoles Wii, belongs to a family of mobile consoles and does not pull the title of a desktop gaming device. At least part of the permanent attachment of the presentation did not hear a word, but still hope that the show was only a game controller.

A year ago, Nintendo has already demonstrated a prototype Wii U, implying that this is not the console itself, but only the controller. Since then, this controller has changed a lot.According to the experts Electronista, the device was designed for ergonomic Bole through better layout of buttons and joysticks with respect to each other and touch screen. In an effort to make its universal console, Nintendo Wii U controller equipped with infrared sensors, which, according to the manufacturer, make it into a remote control technology, such as television.

There were also without the use of more modern technology – in the final version of the console / controller integrated NFC-chip, allowing gamers to exchange game data from a distance. It is possible that this module will find its application in games, but so far nothing about it says. At the same time a new game console has a built-in gyroscope – that he really is useful in video games, such as simulators. To manage, say, a sports car, will not need to press the button, or 6.2-inch touch screen, and simple enough for the body turns Wii U.

But the most important feature of the Wii U – is its social orientation. Especially for the release of the Nintendo timed opening of a new internet service Miiverse, in essence, a social network for owners of the device. Every participant receives a copy of your virtual property – something like an avatar, just like the three-dimensional and human. This is called the 3D-model of the Mii (hence the name of the network). Miiverse will give players the opportunity to communicate with each other, assign virtual battles, share experiences and so on.

Specifications on the Wii U predpokaze Nintendo have not been announced. It became known only that the console will be available in black and white hull.


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