Leaked Specifications of the New Xbox

XboxRumors that the next generation of game consoles will be presented during this year are increasingly taking power, on this occasion, possible leaked specifications of Xbox Durango , the next generation of Microsoft console and that could be presented during the E3 expo to be held in June this year.

Here’s the list of hardware espeficiaciones posibiles Durango Xbox or 720:


  • X64 architecture
  • 8 CPU cores running at 1.6 gigahertz (GHz)
  • Each thread has its own 32 KB L1 instruction cache and 32 KB L1 data cache
  • Each module of the quad-core CPU has 2MB of L2 cache, resulting in a total of 4 MB of L2 cache
  • Each core has a totally independent hardware thread without shared executions
  • Each hardware thread can execute two instructions per clock cycle


  • Graphics Processor as a 800-MHz D3D11.1
  • 12 cores which provide a total of 768 threads ( Threads )
  • Each thread can perform a scalar multiplication and summing operation (MADD) per clock cycle
  • At peak performance, the GPU can effectively deliver 1.2 teraflops of floating point operations per second
  • The sensor High-fidelity Natural User Interface (NUI)  is always active.

Storage and Memory

  • 8 GB of DDR3 RAM (68 GB / s)
  • 32 MB of embedded SRAM (ESRAM) (102 GB / s)
  • Drive for Blu-ray 50 GB 6x
  • From the perspective of the GPU memory bandwidths and ESRAM system are parallel, they can provide maximum combined bandwidth of 170 GB / sec
  • SATA-2 hard drive


  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct

Hardware Accelerators

  • Move Engines
  • Image codecs, video and audio
  • multichannel echo cancellation via Kinect hardware.
  • Cryptography engines

 Hardware Diagram


These are just the first details in the coming months could go revealing more information, with this development we can see that Microsoft is betting on a GPU with higher performance and highlights the potential use of Bluray.


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