‘Jurassic Park 4’ Already has Writers

Jurassic Park 4The idea of making a fourth installment of ‘Jurassic Park’ (‘Jurassic Park’, 1993) has spent years flying by Hollywood, but it was one of those projects that seemed to simply not going to get anywhere. In fact, the producers seemed they were going to have to console themselves with winning a few million more with the revival in 3D , but the project has taken a promising turn with the hiring of writers who already know what is working in a franchise did not seem to have much sense to have launched a new movie.

The Universal have been elected by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver , screenwriters of the pleasant surprise that was ‘The Origin of Planet of the Apes’ , which have come to write the first draft of the sequel, but were subsequently replaced by Scott Z . Burns , author of the libretto of films such as ‘contagion’ or ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’. One of the main goals of Kathleen Kennedy , producer of the series, is that the script is good enough to justify making a new release (I wonder then the reasons for‘Jurassic Park 3’ go ahead)

Of course, it remains unknown whether the least any of the characters we already know reappear or what will be exactly the argument to justify the return of a franchise that seems already exhausted at all (and that says a big fan of seeing someone dinosaurs on the big screen). What is certain is thatSteven Spielberg will not direct.

Via: Deadline


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