Brad Pitt Bought a Soviet Tank for his Upcoming Movie

Brad Pitt bought a Soviet tank For His Upcoming MovieBrad Pitt added to his considerable collection of motorcycle tank. The Soviet war machine was involved in the shooting of his upcoming film World War Z and the actor was so pleased that he decided to buy it for his film.

Pitt is not only in films but also actively participates in the creation of films. He is currently working on the painting World War Z. For pictures of Pitt even has engaged a real Soviet T-54 tank. Pitt away delighted and decided to keep it.

It is still unknown, as the original purchase will react to Brad Angelina JoliePitt has already organized a 36-ton transport cargo in Los Angeles, “KP”.

World War Z post apocalyptic horror movie on the novel by Max Brooks. The chief director of the film  Marc Forster, the main role played by Brad Pitt. The world premiere is scheduled for 2012.


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