Beautiful “Mila Kunis”, The New Face of Dior

Beautiful "Mila Kunis", The New Face of DiorCareer young actress , who unlike his namesake and compatriot Milla Jovovich, is rapidly gaining momentum. Convincing evidence  offer home Dior, from which Kunis could not refuse.

The big bosses of Christian Dior not resist the hypnotic gaze from Kiev Mila Kunis Markovna and offered her a very lucrative advertising contract. Of course, the actress accepted the proposal that it will be a new fashion house in 2012. The first promotional images can be estimated now. Others see the pictures in a week – January 15 campaign starts in China, followed in the rest.

At Dior a collaboration with Kunis very happy . Said Deputy Director General of Delphine Arnault,Dior

Mila Kunis is a very talented and charismatic young actress. Specifically, it embodies the best qualities of modern women. Albeit not original, but very flattering. Kunis is responsible in the same vein: “Things Dior – amazing. Very beautiful, feminine and incredibly comfortable. I am happy to provide exactly this fashion house.

Recall that before this happiness is experienced Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Mariyon Cotillard and other legendary beauty.Beautiful "Mila Kunis", The New Face of DiorMila Kunis the New Face of Dior 1Mila Kunis the New Face of Dior 1


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